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We Offer Free Estimates

How often do you receive free estimates from contractors? Probably a few times. Well, your efforts of searching “free electrician estimates around me” have just come to a successful halt.
Our company aims at building a lasting relationship with our customers by providing...

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Power Surge Protection


Tired of the costly damages from power surges? Our team is the ideal answer to your “electrician near me” search all over the web for power surge solutions. You may install protector strips to protect particular home appliances from surges, but this leaves your home vulnerable to stronger upsurge...

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Our Electricians Are Drug Tested

Looking for a professional and well-vetted electrician nearby? We are here for you. Qualifications and experience are not the only aspects we consider when hiring our technicians; we go a step further to drug test our specialists during the recruitment process a...

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At Anyway Electric LLC, our electrical contractors take on a wide range of projects, including installation, repair, and maintenance. For homes and businesses in the nearby area, we’re available at any time and for any reason. The quality of our work combined with our friendly and professional at...

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Residential Electrical Services

  • New Construction, Remodeling& Re-Wiring

    Rewiring is a common need for older homes and commercial buildings. Anyway Electric LLC uses the most current methods and equipment to guarantee that your wiring will adequately and safely meet your power usage needs. Don’t take your chances by sticking with your out-of-date wiring system, which can cause serious safety hazards. If you are adding a new room to your home, get in contact with us. Our professionals will perform the electrical wiring of these additions that will be long-lasting and safe for use. Even if you are beginning the process of building your dream home, our team will construct a customized wiring plan that will meet your power needs for the long term.
  • Emergency Electrical Repairs

    Anyway Electric LLC understands the inconvenience and potential dangers that electrical problems can present. As one of the top electric companies, we act safely and efficiently in emergency situations, and ensure that you have access to everything that may be needed, like generators for emergency access to power. We are available 24/7 to respond to issues ranging from faulty parking lot lights to a tripped circuit breaker. Allow our fully licensed professionals to remedy these types of issues and prevent injury and damage from occurring. You can rest assured knowing that a reliable, fast-acting team of professionals is nearby in Stockton to handle any of your unforeseen electrical issues.
  • Generator Installation & Repair

    We all depend on a stable power source for a variety of activities,like performing chores, completing work, and relaxing at home. Homes and businesses can suffer due to unpredictable circumstances that result in the loss of power, from weather conditions to general power shortages an area maybe experiencing. Our team has access to fixed and portable generators that will provide you or your business with the power required to resume your normal daily activities. Our installers will set you up with a new generator, or perform the necessary wiring to get your damaged generator back into working condition.
  • Electrical Panel Replacement

    The electrical panel of your electricity supply system is the fuse box that holds circuit breakers and allows for the distribution of electricity throughout your home or business. In order for your residential or commercial to conduct operations safely and efficiently, this panel needs to be in working condition. Typically,electrical panels need to be replaced every twenty years, but problems can arise sooner due to unpredictable circumstances. If you notice signs like your panel is coated with visible rust or otherwise discolored, your circuit breaker is tripping, or recently installed appliances are not working properly, our team can render up-grades to your electrical panel to one that works properly and keeps your establishment safe!
  • Switches, Outlets & Fixtures

    A faulty switch or outlet can be frustrating to deal with, especially if the switch provides lighting that is necessary for working. If you aren’t confident with the workings of these types of devices, allow us to come out and safely fix these issues, so you can resume using power with the ease that you are accustomed to.
  • Landscape Lighting

    We can add lighting to the outside of your home that will accentuate its existing architecture and create a welcoming environment for social events. Whether you opt for the installation of post lights or ground-level lights that brighten up walkways, landscape lighting will highlight your home’s best features while serving the practical use of deterring potential criminals.
  • Exhaust and Ceiling Fan Installation

    Exhaust and ceiling fans promote the circulation of air throughout your house. If you’re looking for the repair or installation of a ceiling fan, Anyway Electric LLC will efficiently serve you at competitive prices. If you’re looking for small improvements that can make a big difference, we can help add light to a ceiling fan and increase the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Commercial electrical services

  • Parking Lot Lighting Service

    If your establishment’s parking lot lights are flickering or completely out, it could be uninviting for customers to visit you during darker hours. Continue operations around the clock by contacting us to fix or enhance your business’s outdoor lighting situation, making your establishment safe for customers and employees at night.

Areas Served

  • San Joaquin County

    Full Service Electrical Company in San Joaquin County CA
  • Stockton

    Electrician in Stockton CA
  • Morada

    Electrical Contractor in Morada CA
  • Waterloo

    Electrician in Waterloo CA
  • Garden Acres

    Electrical Contractor in Garden Acres CA
  • Linden

    Electrician in Linden CA

Expert Tradespeople-Home Services

The Proper Way to Find a Good Electrician in Stockton and San Joaquin County 
If you own a home or an office building, you will need the services of an electrician at one point or the other. Finding one around you is no hassle. The real task lies in finding a good one. Thousands of electrical companies across the globe are dishonest and untrustworthy. Stockton and Joaquin County are no exception. You can surrender your hard-earned money just to get scammed altogether. Other times, you will be presented with a ridiculous quote that drains your pockets dry. In this guide, we reveal some tips you can use to find a good electrician in Stockton, CA, and beyond. 
1. Never Hire Before Conducting A Thorough Research 
Most homeowners often resort to friends and family to point them in the right direction as far as getting a nearby electrician is concerned. This method is always effective but what if you are new in town? Whom will you turn to? Our guess: online. The World Wide Web abounds with all kinds of electrical companies. A simple Google search will land you in a cesspool of such companies. No matter how urgent your project is, be sure to do you your homework before hiring a tradesperson. Start with online reviews before visiting online forums for more scoops about your preferred service provider. Try to sift through the reviews to know which ones are fake and which ones are legit. Furthermore, consult your local business bureau for detailed information about the work of your preferred service provider. 
2. Ask For License And Insurance

A licensed electrician is one that has passed required examinations and gained experience and skills to offer professional service according to industry standards and regulations.  To know if your guy performs electrical work that meets American Standards, ask to see their licenses. Check if it includes their name, license number, and the date of expiry. Apart from licensing, you should also ensure they have a Public Liability insurance (not less than $500,000) and workers’ compensation to cover you and them in case of any damage to property or work accident.

3. Don’t Hire Door-Door Contractors

While some door-to-door electricians are trustworthy, a majority of them are unscrupulous businessmen looking for the next victim to scam. Often, these malicious tradesmen will charge you a fortune for unnecessary work. Don’t fall for such traps. Hire right, however long it will take you.

4. Ask For Recommendations

This is by far the best route of hiring a faculty contractor or a home services electrician. Your friends and family are less likely to recommend someone unqualified, dishonest, or inexperienced to come and help with your electrical services. The job is just too sensitive to do that. If you can get a credible recommendation from someone you trust, that would perhaps be the end of your search. 

5. Ask For A Quote Beforehand

When you finally decide whom to work with, be sure to talk about the money before work begins. Ask about all costs and what payment methods they accept before you sign that contract. Many of the residential & commercial electrical contractors in Stockton and Joaquin County are known for wanting to work without a quote. This way, they will indicate crazy costs once the project is complete. To be safe, ask for a number of quotes so as to establish who is not only credible but also affordable. 

6. Don’t Rely On Ads

Dishonest electricians know how to put on a good ad that can entice even the smartest brain. This is especially true for those who draw crowds through special deals. The truth is that there must be a reason why an electrician would offer discounts. So, if you select one based on an ad, be ready to pay a hefty price in turn.

7. Ask Questions

Most electricians are well aware that an ordinary person doesn’t understand their technical jargon. So, they will use this fact to exploit you. They will speak in a language that you can’t decipher intimidating you in the process. However, don’t desist from asking as many questions as you please. In addition, don’t let their “intelligence” trick you into thinking that they know their craft well. Delve deeper and get to know everything including their expertise, rates, area of specialization, and experience before you sign the contract.

8. Never Pay Upfront

Even if you called in a local emergency electrician, don’t pay for the entire job before it is actually done. Credible electricians often ask for up to one-third of the cost upfront and the rest later. Run from the one that asks to be paid more than a third of the bill before work commences.Although thousands of electricians in Stockton and San Joaquin County are dishonest and lack integrity, you can do so much to avoid them. Use the aforementioned tips to ensure you get value for your money, every time.

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